10 Creative Examples of Material Design Mockups and Concepts

Latest Material Design Buzz

Android L has already made a buzz and created a lot of anxiety among the #Android users. A new introduction to this platform is the latest material design guideline which is already here to test the creativity and ideas among designers.

The guideline serves as a way of applying unified experience when it comes to styling different apps. To make it simple, we can say that Material Design is a special addition which has been made for fitting any kind of screen on which a user might be using the Android L. This new design style is set to be used on the web services of Google as well. Moreover, as always, designers have been quick to come up with some impressive new #design styles of mock-ups and concepts which could be used as material design guidelines for several apps.

1.Ootd Material Design

Ootd by Ben Dunn
Ootd by Ben Dunn

This design integrates the idea of a portfolio website having a slider animation at the top. Named as Outfit of the Day, this mockup can be ideal for online stores or may be photographers featuring their work through an app which appears as a website of the portfolio.

2. Material Design Concept of Instagram

It is an effort by the developer named Emmanuel Pacamalan who visualizes Instagram with material design elements as per the new guidelines by Google. The concept comes with a number of sliders which might appear to be too many, but with some subtractions, it could be a great looking design for the popular photo sharing social media network.

3. Android L Mail App

Android L Mail App by Alex Vanderzon
Android L Mail App by Alex Vanderzon

It’s a concept design of the popular mail app on Android. The design appears to be plain and simple; it offers a leaner look and is backed by minimized number of options. What it appears to facilitate with the concept design is quicker access to the mails and reduced usage of data while checking them.

4. User Profile Interface Animation

User Profile Interface Animation by Dmytro Prudnikov
User Profile Interface Animation by Dmytro Prudnikov

This concept seems to be a new interactive interface which offers a single window to browse through the user profiles of users you are following on Google. The 1st window offers a slider with a preview of user profiles and an image at its centre. Scroll below and choose any of the profiles and it will pop up a new window offering entire details about the user.

5. Whats App Material Design

WhatsApp concept by  Sebastian Metel
WhatsApp concept by Sebastian Metel

I is quite evident that most popular messaging app in the world, grab attention of the designers. This concept blends into green colour and adds a new design to the keypad. The top panel in a conversation widow offers the options to go back, check name, or add an attachment.

In addition to this, panel features search option to facilitate search of terms or keywords from the conversation history. A feature which can be a nice addition is the inclusion of yellow and grey dots next to the contact list (yellow indicates online and grey indicates offline).

6. UX and UI for Google News platform

George Kvasnikov made an in-depth concept design for the UX and UI of the Google News platform. It is set to offer a completely new experience with comprehensive browse options on all its sides. At the centre it comes integrated with the summary of trending news and an option to select the topic of news at the top. On the left panel it offers options which are categorized as per news, coverage, media, opinions and voice of general public on specific issues. On the right, there are links to various popular news websites, clicking on which would directly open their latest publishes in the main screen.

7. Alarm Material UI

Material design UI "Alarm" by  Ehsan Rahimi
Material design UI “Alarm” by Ehsan Rahimi

Minimal use of design elements and addition of convenience to quickly setup alarm with a “+” floating button on the right. A big space is dedicated for the respective dates while the bottom gives a summary of ready alarms and appointments.

8. Simple English Dictionary Pro

Simple English Dictionary Pro by  Ernest Ojeh
Simple English Dictionary Pro by Ernest Ojeh

A simplified app which offers access to a dictionary on your smartphone is what this design initiates to offer. The mock-up integrates the option to search, look at thesaurus and check the history of searched words for quick access in a single window. Results are well summarized with examples to show the usage of the searched words.

9. Android Material Design Keyboard for Nexus4

Android Material Design Keyboard for Nexus4 by Evgeniy Loktev
Android Material Design Keyboard for Nexus4 by Evgeniy Loktev

Google’s very own Nexus gets a new concept design for its dedicated keyboard. This QWERTY keyboard seems to be a single block with the standard options spread all over. The other addition is the language and search option at the bottom of the keyboard along with the option to quickly switch from alphabets to numbers and vice versa.

10. Spotify Material Design

Spotify Material Design by Anton Kovalev
Spotify Material Design by Anton Kovalev

Here is a cool new look with the redesign concept of your favourite Spotify app. The main window offers the option for searching and browsing music. It is followed by the options to listen to radio or your own music list. A click on any of these options hides floating option pane and the playlists or the searched music options appears.

With Android L official release, there will be plenty of material design mock-ups and concepts. Designers have been quite quick to use their imaginations and come up with some impressive work. In order to know more about the new Google Material Design concept, you can check the official page here.

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