10 Inspiring examples of Material Design Product icons

Product icon design is inspired by the tactile and physical quality of material.Take a look at some of our favorite Material Design product icons and grab some web design inspiration.

Icons are an integral part of pretty much every website out there. These tiny, but crucial elements are especially important to mobile applications development.
Product Icons, like all Material Design elements, must have a clear purpose and meaning. While icon design abides by principles of good design, Material Design icon plays by its own rules.Here is a great example, perfectly illustrating do’s and don’ts of Material Design product icon:


Layers, elevated elements cropping, score and center positioning, overlapping limitations, folding and distortion behavior are the main constraints on the product icon design.

We’ve picked some of the best product icon designs, perfectly illustrating the tactile and physical quality principles of Material Design :

1. 9gag

9gag icon design by Kevin Aguilar



2.SimpleWeather Product Icon

Product Icon for Android weather app SimpleIcon designed by Michael Cook (Cookicons)


3.Facebook messenger

Product icon of Facebook messenger app by Jacek Malinowski


4.Twitter Material Icon Concept

Material Design Twitter icon by designer Maximilian Keppeler


5.Materialized Twitter Icon

Another great example of materialized Twitter icon by Christian Bjoerkman


6.Magic button

Creative Material Design product icon by Christian Bjoerkman


material design-product-icon

7.Editag icon

Product icon by Jovie Brett. Javie is a big fan of Material Design, you can check out his Dribbble profile for more inspiring Material Design icon concepts.


8.Neon Mail

Material Product icon by Mattia Astorino



Designer Pedro Peguero Jr. published a fantastic series of OS X icons featuring Material Design style. Here is one of them:


10.Self ID

Material product icon designed by Ilya Strugov


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