5 Material Design animations with CSS3 and jQuery

There are core considerations of visual design, great UX, and functionality, but animation and the way things move is now a keystone of any web, mobile or software application.

Animation as we know it, in interaction design is not new, yet it will definitely become way more popular this and following year, as more designers and developers become aware of the crucial role it can play in communicating UI behavior.Thoughtful motion in Material Design can provide context, delight users and help to guide through application. Animation offers the opportunity to surprise, making apps more engaging and enjoyable.

Italian designer Antonio Di Nardo created a series of CSS3 and jQuery based animations inspired by Google’s Material Design. Rendering the tangible and tactile Material Design created with vividity, designer played with CSS3 and jQuery codes and created some awesome and inspiring animations.These are brilliant animations for any Material Design fan out there!

1.CSS3 + JQUERY – Responsive Material Design Calendar


Check out working demo!

2.CSS3 + JQUERY – Material Design Confirmation Popup


Check out working demo!

3. CSS3 + JQUERY – Material Design Mail Form


Check out working demo!

4.CSS3 + JQUERY – Send Button

Material design- send-button

Check out working demo!

5.CSS3 + JQUERY – Close Animation

close button-material-design

Check out working demo!

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6 responses on “5 Material Design animations with CSS3 and jQuery

  1. Great tutorial!

    On the mail form example, you should also trigger the animation of the label on :focus as well as click. Currently it doesn’t work if you change focus via keyboard (definitely a usability issue).

  2. Blue Sky

    Great! How can i download this?

  3. pooja

    where is the code

  4. Eshan Singh

    There is no point to showing this without an explanation of the code.

  5. Shaikh Mohammad Asif

    how to download pls let me know.

  6. Bùi Văn Thiêm

    Thank you. I need to it for my project!

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