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Google’s Material Design is changing the way apps are made, ushering in a new era of aesthetic languages, structure, and interaction for web developers and designers. MaterialDesignBlog (MDB) is the web’s leading resource for everything related to Material Design, from UI/UX patterns to design frameworks to development strategies and a showcase for your work. Over 60,000+ people come to MDB every month, generating over 170,000+ page views, and the community is just getting bigger.

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MDB is highly selective with our design and development resources, as well as the expert strategies and tips posted by our authors. Our goal is simply to create the internet’s best collection of Material Design tools and resources.

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Post your framework and interactions up on our curated showcase while getting ideas and code from other top Material Design developers. Submit your apps, templates and web designs here.

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Our blog contains advice, strategy, and development tips from Material Design experts and practitioners from around the world. Become part of our author community, click here.

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