Add interactivity to Your Material Design with FramerJS

By adding interactivity into the structure of your web or mobile application, FramerJS could change the face of your application’s UI environment.

Framer.js is a new creative tool to build interaction and animation prototypes. With Framer.js you can explore interactions for desktop apps, websites or mobile platforms. Choose from 8 pre-installed devices in multiple colors or quickly modify your exact setup. Use state machines to define properties and set up complex interactions. Framer.js provides full gesture support.

Prototyping helps designers, developers and many others effectively communicate concepts, ranging from micro-interactions to entire onboarding flows. Adobe Ae, Ai or PS design mockups can be easily imported into Framer.js with a single click. Framer.js allows seamlessly fuse your interactions and animations and bring your designs to life.
Meaningful animations are crucial part of Material Design. They help application user to understand anatomy of the interface and the principles of interaction with it. Framer.js is a brilliant tool to create amazing Material Design animations and interaction movements:

Framer.js design concept by Bert Timmermans

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