Android app concept brings E-commerce UX to life with augmented reality

During the past decade, developers are able to create apps with capacities that we have never seen before. It allows us to explore reality in ways that several years ago could be possible only in science fiction movies. The future of this emerging technology called “Augmented Reality” is full of promise. Rather than creating an entire simulation of an environment from scratch that a user can then engage with, Augmented Reality “augments” what’s already there by incorporating digitally created, often real-time-controlled interactive elements directly into your view of the real world. There are only few apps available for Android and iOS that uses virtual ‘simulation techniques’. But all of them are quite amazing and in some ways surprising.

“E-Commerce App for Furnitures” is a project aiming to build an Android app for urban furniture buyers. The focus of this project was to create an app with an in-depth category experience from browsing, selection, experiencing and purchase. – Sarthak Batra, Author

Live preview:

©Concept by Sarthak Batra

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