Bringing the Material Design in ED

overEducate - Career-Focused Education


overEducate is adding some Material Design flare to Education. Most educational sites look dated and not very user-friendly. They’re packed with lots of useful information, but to the point of being cluttered and overwhelming. Many of them have not adapted to be responsive to mobile, and thus end up providing a subpar experience on smartphones, which by the way are now used to access the web more so than their desktop counterparts ( That’s letting down a large part of the market. It is absolutely critical to deliver a clean, user-friendly experience to mobile users nowadays.

As a result, the overEducate web application was built from the ground up to deliver a great device-agnostic experience. All of the educational resources information is available and usable regardless of where you’re accessing the site from. This was made possible in large part to wholeheartedly adopting material design and its principles. When on a smaller screen, the site adjusts as expected from a material design application.

overEducate - Career-Focused Education on mobile


It’s about time the Education seekers got some material design love and respect.

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