Create amazing Material Design apps with IonicMaterial

Ionic Material is an extension library for the Ionic Framework, meaning you don’t need to change the way you develop your Ionic hybrid apps to have them materialized.

In a nowadays world, where tablet and smartphone use is rising exponentially, the opportunities to make a name for yourself, not to mention a ton of money, by turning your app idea into reality are huge. If you are building cutting-edge mobile app for Android, Material Design is a must. Frameworks such as Ionic dramatically change the way apps are built. Excellent news for Android apps developers – Ionic framework now has Material Design extension library – Ionic Material. Needless to say – IonicMaterial website features fantastic Material Design style.

Ionic Material harmoniously sits atop of Ionic and abides by the conventions of the framework. This means it plays nicely with other code and directives you may already have, and will not interfere with core behavior or styles. What’s added to Ionic is new classes, methods, and helpers that feel totally natural to the rest of the framework.

Ionic Material aims to integrate the best representations of Material Design into a single add-on library for Ionic Developers. With the Polymer Project, ngMaterial, and other open source projects arising, we aim to be actively engaged and aligned with these, and other, related projects. As a 100% free open-source project, developer participation is encouraged, as much or little as possible.



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