Create slick HTML5 UI with this free Material Design template

HTML5 allow web developers to create and build a lot more rich applications than can be supported by a web browser out of the box.HTML5 is special because it has given a new way to the website developers and makes the Internet better. HTML5 seeks to improve the way nowadays web performs and works, making it easier for developers to build awesome websites and making it more efficient for consumers to experience those sites regardless of the web browser or platform they are using. It’s worth a mention, that HTML5 has gained a lot of attention due to the fact that Apple’s iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad have no future plans to support Flash. HTML5 (also CSS3) symbol become an iconic logo that web developers love to add to their portfolio websites or sales brochures.

Whether to use HTML5 in your application or not, is absolutely your own choice. But we think it has more advantages compared to native. However if you made your choice and looking for a great HTML5 template for your next project, we found one for you. This awesome and free HTML5 Material Design template was build by talented folks at Daemon.
Here are few screenshots of this awesome Material Design UI:


Template has everything you need for Material Design UI website, because it’s specially equipped with all “famous” Material Design elements such as floating buttons, left side off-canvas menu, cards, hover shadows, form elements, toggle modals and so on.


Have a play with this awesome HTML5 Material Design UI :


Download on Github

Daemon builds tailor-made web solutions and mobile web #apps in #HTML5 , Javascript, ColdFusion, and Python among many other technologies. If Material Design UI is not sufficient and you need backend architecture for your website, Daemon will be able to help you.

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  1. very good web site

  2. Luis

    WoW! Better than Google’s Material Design Lite

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