Dark Themed Music Player Interface – Animation


A creative proof of concept for a dark themed music interface that adopts a range of material design principles. The idea behind the project was figuring out a way to add functionality to a common interface used frequently on a day-to-day basis. Programs like Spotify and Apple Music create a seamless listening experience. This concepts builds on that that experience through meaningful material transitions and also by embedding an album cover sliding song picker for quick access to a users favourite songs without having to return to the list view. A simple step that will help the user get direct to the songs they want to hear as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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  1. Joe Riviello

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks for contributing! Soon, we will be running contests for some Material swag.

  2. This collection of theme is really very appreciable ! Surely this collection will give appealing looks to respective websites. Great work you have done !!


    Excellent Blog! Thank You for sharing this information with us.

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