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KUPON is a Material Design HTML template to create a website for deals and discounts. The live demo shows how well this theme will work for a discount travel company.
Kupon uses the light green, blue, and orange (500 version) color scheme recommendations against white with large space that enables photographs to “pop”. It’s an attractive and easy on the eyes color scheme, particularly suited for travel websites as it evokes a tropical and summery feel.

The Details


The designer of the template states that it is “mostly finished” and is working on making it a complete and fully functional template. As of this moment Kupon contains only the following features:

Flex slider
Owl carousel
2 Home pages
2 Deals pages
Submit deals
Categories or results page
Faq page
Cart page

It does not contain the payment gateway and is strictly HTML for now, but the author is working on that feature, as well as, having this ready for WordPress soon. It is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers. Kupon is a simple looking HTML template that does not distract from the images and ads that would be laid against it, showing the Material Design influence. Not a lot of extraneous design, simple color schemes, and lots of white space which is easy on the eye — typical Material Design. This very simple design costs a grand total of $16 and has a much more precision and professional styling than some of the high end travel/coupon/deals sites. It’s good to see the way this design can impart a sophisticated look and feel using simplicity.

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    Love this ! A great choice for an example of good material design practice

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