Free set of circular Material Design Icons

When it comes to putting together and styling a new website or simply playing around with iconography, it’s always fun to work with some free icons to really get a feel for your web or graphic design project. Providing the quintessential amount of creativity and inspiration, the best sets of free icons are a brilliant starting point. We’d all love to create our own custom icons for each project, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. Fortunately there are some great folks out there, sharing their work freely and contributing to design community.

Dutch designer Jurre Houtkamp on his Dribbble profile has very kindly offered up one of his sets of Material Design icons for you to download for free! The set features a wide range of well designed circular icons with brilliant consistent aesthetic and Material Design twist.

As Jurre announced on his profile, this is only the first set and there is more to come. So stay tuned and follow Jurre on Twitter or Dribbble


Download Material Design inspired icon pack by @JurreHoutkamp

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