Google Search Material Design Concept/Case Study

Hey guys, I am Pedro Cortés a Product Designer from Porto, Portugal and I specialized in optimizing businesses.

This is my Google Search redesign concept and here are my goals for it:

  • To be very UX focused.
  • To optimize conversion for Google’s services.
  • To make it look clean and minimal.

Check out the full presentation on Behance.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is very useful and good information. I got more information from your site. Glad to see more post from you.

  2. Thanks for your post!! I love to hear more about designing like how we can boost our business with the help of good website design. What kind of design it should be ?

  3. Thank a lot for this post that was very interesting. Keep posting like those amazing posts, this is really awesome

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  5. Lexi Pivovarova

    Great Concepts and Incredible post ! Looks magnificent and I love the added functionality that your design would bring to Google.

  6. Mikołaj Zaremba


  7. I have found these designs very creative and innovative.
    I liked these designs quite a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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