Google Testing Material Design Look For Chrome Toolbar

According to the reports from OMG Chrome!, Google is testing material design look for its flagship browser – Google Chrome.

Google has been working constantly to revamp its Chrome browser with material design over the past few years. The company has already introduced material design concept to mobile build of the Chrome and is now all set to bring this transformation to the desktop version too.

The report also says that Google is going to offer users three options to select from: Going “full material”, going “hybrid material” or choosing the “non-material” theme.


To allow users to select from three options, Google has also introduced a new Chrome flag to the browser’s dev channel release.

However, before you are allowed to select from the three material design concepts, you will need to enable the “top-chrome-md” flag from the Chrome setting which you can do by typing “chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md” (without quotes) in the address bar and find the option Enable Material Design settings¬†and click Enable.

Once you enable it, you’ll need to Relaunch the browser by clicking the blue RELAUNCH BUTTON on the bottom of the screen.

After the relaunch, you will have a drop-down menu with three options, choose the one that you wish to go with and enjoy the material design look on your desktop Chrome!

(Content and image source: OMG Chrome!)

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