InstantCuts breaks the mould with brilliant Material Design App

Like hotel and car rental websites, most booking company websites and apps aren’t exactly known for having innovative design. Some might even say they reside at the very bottom of the barrel when it comes to excellent user experience – they’re usually overloaded with offers, partnership programs, information and confusing forms. Fortunately, InstantCuts recently launched an app (beta version) intent on breaking the mould in booking genre.


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Nothing like a fresh hair cut

Every story worth hearing has a great beginning. The main character of this story – InstantCuts – originated from a conversation in the chair of Alex Rodriguez’s barber. In an on-the-go world, convenience is king; InstantCuts is a free app that takes the guesswork out of scheduling your next haircut. With our advanced filtering and barber monitoring, we connect you with the most dependable local barbers; search by location, price, or rating, then simply confirm your appointment date and time. Ever had a busy day and forgot to grab cash for that 3:30 haircut? We’ve got you covered; simply pay in the app. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, it is. At InstantCuts, we understand that the first step in finding a barber is making the right choice. It is our job to give you the best options to make your next haircut seamless. Oh, who are we? We are a team of exceptional misfits who want to help make your life just a little easier while we do what we do best – team

Currently, InstantCuts is in BETA-testing. The app will be available initially in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, but will be expanding to include a myriad of verified professionals nationwide, including but not limited to: hair stylists, colorists, nail technicians, aestheticians, and makeup artists. With a number of investors and endorsements, InstantCuts is already growing. Your voice will play an integral part in aiding this growth even further. Please check out InstantCuts through the following links:

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