– lifetime achievements platform for everyone

The best place, for your best moments. is another great example of material web #design . This website is still under development, but so far it looks really amazing. So what is As described by creators:

platform built with simplicity, clarity and focus on you. you’ll be able to create timeline boards related to your life activities, goals, and history like travels, sports, jobs, projects, etc. whether you are an accomplished businessman or a spirit-free hitchhiker wanting to keep and track all of your movements across the globe. is aiming to give people a simple and efficient way of telling others who they are and what they’re capable of. slogan slogan

We believe you should really add this website to your “watch list” in 2015, as it’s really promising and interesting projected. is built using Materialize -a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. You can download it for free and read more about it here.

Visit our “Submit Your Design” and share your work with us! We will be happy to add it to our material design #showcase !

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