LumX implements Material Design using Saas and AngularJS

Made with the latest technologies

Lumx is the first responsive front-end framework based on AngularJS & Google’s Material Design specifications. It will help you to design beautiful applications, faster and easier.

Developers of this awesome responsive framework built it based on google’s material design guidelines, respecting metrics in a pixel perfect way. It provides a full CSS Framework built with Sass and a bunch of AngularJS components. LumX is still young framework and there is a lot more to come in the next months.

Lumx Logo
Lumx Logo

Sass Preprocessor

Built with Sass, Bourbon and Neat, you’ll be able to quickly customize your application design. Moreover, your Sass and Javascript files will be automatically optimized with Gulp to improve your application performance.


Developers of this responsive front-end framework choosen AngularJS for LumX because it’s the best Javascript MVC Framework to build robust and fast one-page #apps. And of course, because it has been made and is still maintained by Google.

Just a little bit of jQuery

Performance is highly important for any web application. That’s why Lumx developers only use jQuery without any of its plugin. Each component was then home made to be perfectly plugged to your AngularJS application.

You can visit official Lumx page and download it

You can submit your #design here and we will add it to our showcase!

One response on “LumX implements Material Design using Saas and AngularJS

  1. Atul Joshi

    I just installed the lumX and then ran the npm install, scss, bower and did a gulp build and getting an error.
    The structure has /build, /core, /demo, /dist, /modules, /node_modules
    How to make a seed project with it to get going

    Thanks in advance

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