Material Design floating action button for web, that really stands out

Everybody loves a beautifully styled, Material Design FAB button. It may be a very small part of app or website design, but FAB button is crucial. In some applications floating action button is the main control unit. FAB can be used to submit a form, add content, confirm action, navigate, call to action, complete a transaction you name it. It’s a hotspot of your application, that users interact with. Application users also needs to know and feel confident that the button is a button and that the effect they expect to happen on click or touch,- will indeed happen. If we ignore giving the user this important feedback it can lead to confusion, lost sales and conversions.

Here is a brilliant source to start building your own FAB. Made to be semantic, fast and easy to customize and implement to any web project. Inspired by action buttons from Google Inbox, Evernote and Path:


4 different animations (zoom in, slide in, slide in (spring) and fountain)
4 screen positions ( top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

Demo & Free Download

Designed and created by Aurelio

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One response on “Material Design floating action button for web, that really stands out

  1. Suliman Khan

    The icon’s are not appearing at all for me, I really love this. How do I get the icons showing?

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