Material Design Infographic – “Material is The Metaphor”

We have created this material design infographic to simplify the process of planning, designing and optimising your website based on Google’s material design.This infographic takes you through several principles of material design such as dimensionality or UI elements.
The detailed dimensionality scheme shows how objects behave and interact with each other in material design language. Every object in material design could be defined by three factors – light, surface/layout and movement.

These are the main elements which redefine and separate this new design language from all previous types of web design. We have also included a few user interface elements of material design – cards, hero images, a hamburger menu and a floating action button. To read more about the material design guidelines, you can visit this page.
Infographics can simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. Material design infographic visualize complicated relationships between objects, elements and interactions, all in material design language. By using infographics, you can instantly get a better picture of things which might have been difficult to interpret in other ways.
There are several ways of using infographics to interpret information, including maps, hierarchies, networks and other charts. In the past, many people have created them by hand, using rulers, paper and other tools; however, as is the case with most things, a lot of it is now done by using computers.
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Material Design infographic
Material Design Infographic- check out PDF version here

Adobe Illustrator users can download free Material Design Infographic .ai file here:

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