Material Design Inspired 4K Avengers Wallpapers

Here are 4K wallpapers for all the Avengers fans out there. Designer Wayne Drescher Jr made these using Google’s Material design palette of colors and guidelines. His goal was to keep it minimal while choosing the look he likes for each member.


Material Vision WJD 4K


Material Hawkeye WJD 4K


Material Black Widow WJD 4K



Material Thor WJD 4K


Material Hulk WJD 4K


Material Captain America WJD 4k


Material Ironman WJD 4K



2 responses on “Material Design Inspired 4K Avengers Wallpapers

  1. Matty Whipple

    Wow, these are gorgeous! That ks for sharing!

  2. Priyank

    These are best of all…….
    Do you have wallpapers like this for other super heroes like batman , antman or so ?
    If yes kindly post those tooo……..

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