Material Design update: what’s new?

Google’s reinvention over the last few months has revolved mainly around their main services & products design. In the last few months, Google has updated all of its support pages, apps and service sites with Material design. We don’t even have to say, that new Material Design and style looks way better and the content is now more in focus. Consistent aesthetic, meaningful animations, depth shadows and bold colors are now customized specifically for each of Google’s online services and products. Material Design became the new norm for Google’s design in general. And surely Android operating system developed by Google is no exception.

Material Design took by storm global web design community. New websites, apps or frameworks build with Material Design language gain more and more attention from web designers and developers. As predicted by many , it will be (actually, already it is) one of the biggest web design trends in the next few years. Others say that it will “replace” primitive flat design and will became new design standard for websites and mobile apps.
Google’s design team announced, that Material Design update rolls out starting today! 7 new sections has been added to the list of design guidelines and specifications. However, it’s important to understand, that basic principles and material behavior remains the same. Update was mainly dedicated to the content and app structure. Here is the list of updates:

Data tables


Useful tips and specifications for data apps and websites presenting enterprise products.
Detailed style guidelines for table layout, interaction principles, selection and typography specifications.

Units and measurements


This new chapter gives more details about pixel density, scalability and image scaling.

Floating Action Button


The most significant Material Design element – floating action button now has dedicated section and detailed usage explanation: behavior, positioning, transitions and content.

App structure


This section covers functionality, navigation, main actions and the content structure of your app.

Component sticker sheet


List of free components for AE available to download: The sticker sheets contain the latest refinements to the components, integrated into a comprehensive sticker sheet that is easier to use.

Data truncation and redaction


This chapter covers date & time display settings, abbreviations, context adjustments and numeric truncation and the redaction of sensitive data details.

Writing guidelines for Settings


Section focused on labelling, navigation content clarity, text hierarchy and secondary text display options.

In addition to these major updates related to content visualization, Google’s design team added several significant design improvements to :

Check out Official Material Design update & guidelines here

If you are not familiar yet with Google’s Material Design specifications and guidelines, check out our in-depth article “Ultimate guide to Google’s Material Design

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