Material-UI CSS framework and React components tool based on Material Design

Material – UI is another great CSS framework and a set of React components based on Google’s material design. While Material-UI engineers team at still working on framework improvements, web developers and designers seems to have different opinions about this new Material design tool.
Here are few good thoughts from developers community:

“Being “on trend” isn’t good UI design. But I can see how we got here. Through OS X and iOS, Apple’s UI ethos became the gold standard in UI design. It was so well designed that it was easy to imitate and by simply adopting the core elements of Apples UI language, stuff became intuitive and usable without the designer needing to understand “why” something looked the way it looked.And then came a new trend, the current trend, that appears to me to be rooted in nothing more substantial than a desire to replace the old with something new at all costs. And when the likes of Apple and Google fall for the same trap, it’s nigh on impossible for fundamental UI design knowledge to make itself heard above the noise of a million designers advocating the new and pointing to Apple for credibility.You can see that I don’t like Material. I also don’t like iOs’s new UI language. It doesn’t work. Ive seen no evidence that it’s any more useable and I struggle everyday to make sense of software and tools that have adopted these new trends so anecdotally, I have to say to myself that we’re going the wrong way.”

designer developer, based in London,

But there are also those who supports material design and things “Material-UI” is “cool and handy tool”:

“This is a nice start of a cool and handy tool. As someone who recently got into React, browserify and uses less by default, I really apreciate people making libraries like this and will probably try using this at some point. Yes, as others seem to note aswell, it needs some work finetuning and improving (are buttons in the dialog supposed to have no borders?). But I think it’s a very nice initiative, thank you.”

Material-UI - a CSS framework based on Google's Material design
Material-UI – a CSS framework based on Google’s Material design

“Looks pretty good, I’m a big fan of the placeholder without input -> label + description when active -> label with input style.”

What do you think about Material-UI? Share your thoughts in comments!

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  1. Joe

    material-ui is great.

    I’ve logged this issue
    see –

    The TextField component has some issue with styling the height.

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