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Ghost is a beautifully designed, lightweight and Open Source content management system that enables you to write and publish your own blog in a user-friendly manner. Create a solo blog, or a full scale newspaper. Ghost can be completely customised in design to suit your needs and your brand.
“In initial proposal Ghost was meant to be a simple fork of WordPress (echoing the way in which WordPress itself came to be, as a fork of another platform called b2) in order to create a sort of “back to basics” or “WordPress lite” blogging platform. Or in other words, to create a platform headed in the opposite direction WordPress has been headed for the last several years. That of a fully fledged CMS, and even more recently, a web OS.” – Nathan B. Weller
Materialized Ghost is a free Ghost theme, built with MaterializeCSSCSS framework based on Material Design


Designed and developed by Christian Bartelt

Download on Github

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