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The Need for Material Design Marketplace

For those of you who might not be familiar with Material Design, it is a set of goals and principles developed by Google to provide a consistent experience across all platforms and applications. Known as “Material Design” or “Quantum Paper”, this new design language by Google, absolutely redefines user experience on mobile and desktop applications. Due to the design uniqueness it offers, Material Design is being quite widely adopted by web designers and developers and there seems to have become a need for a marketplace where Material Design templates may be available. could be the first one.

Most development and presentation related work is nowadays done using ready made themes or templates. This significantly increases the efficiency of web-design & development and makes it possible to perform  laborious tasks in a quick and easy way. Surely, Envato group still remains the leading place for themes & templates, but niche marketplaces, such as MDT, are usually more focused on particular market segment and in some cases can offer even higher quality products. (marketplace for TwitterBootstrap templates) is a great example of this and might become another one.

The basic service offered by is quite similar to any digital goods marketplace: site provides ready made templates, which can be downloaded right after the purchase is completed. In addition to the basic service, developers & web designers can submit and start selling their own themes. MaterialDesignThemes attempts to bridge the void for the provision of quality Material Design themes and templates.
So, if you are looking to buy some quality, attractive, fresh Material Design WordPress & HTML templates or wish to sell your own themes based on Google’s material design guidelines, then check out some fine designs at


By taking a few extra steps and spending a small amount of money on WordPress Material Design or HTML template, you can go above the minimum that has become ubiquitous around the net these days and somewhat set yourself apart.

Premium Material Design WordPress themes available at

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