Phonograph App for Android – a free Material Design music player

Phonograph, previously known as Gramophone, is not as popular as its later rival.However, the fact that it’s just been developed, means it’s build with Material Design right from the start. What does this mean for you ,exactly?  It means that the app itself has been developed with the focus and style of Google’s new Material Design the whole time, without trying to overhaul all the UI or anything like that. The result is – a beautiful looking music player with clean, smooth animations, simple layout and a super straightforward tag editor. Another great thing is , that app is completely free. Yes, the developers has kindly made Phonograph app beta free (for now at least) and we can’t say enough good about it.


So lets talk about what Phonograph app does best – design. Everything just make sense: you have tabs at the top for songs, albums, artists and playlist. But where the player really shines is color coordination. Phonograph Android app takes a color from your artist image or album cover and blends it into the UI, different headers. This concept is carried over to the player screen as well, which can be accessed with just a swipe of the floating play/pause button or just by tapping play button at the top.

Phonograph app for Android is still in beta, but developers behind Phonograph are constantly working to improve user experience with extremely consistent updates.


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