Polymer for WordPress – Material Design WP Plugin

Material Design elements for a WordPress blog

Polymer plugin for #wordpress allows to add Polymer material design elements to your posts and pages, the same components used in #Android Lollipop. You can use the HTML editor with the #Polymer tags directly or the shortcode [poly] for all the elements. The correct HTML libraries will be loaded automatically.

Notice: Polymer is still in developer preview, some constructs may change in future. A modern browser is required to run Polymer web #apps.

Polymer for WordPress
Polymer for WordPress


Polymer tags directly available (core and paper) in posts / pages with the HTML editor;
[poly] shortcode to access all tags;
simple widget;
auto import the necessary HTML components;
code blocks to easily manage elements;
Javascript editor in posts / pages admin;
CSS editor in posts / pages admin;
import iconsets options;
autop on/off option;
template override on/off option;
documentation links for each tag.


Tags: core-icon, paper-button, paper-checkbox, paper-slider, etc.

Options: style, id, class, etc.


[poly core-icon icon=”favorite”][/poly]
[poly paper-checkbox][/poly]
[poly paper-button raised style=”color: green”]A green button[/poly]
[poly paper-item icon=”home” label=”Test link”][/poly]


Code blocks allows to create elements and import them directly from the Polymer box in posts / pages. They allows also to load JSON data.
autop option: the autop() WordPress function adds p and br tags to the contents when a newline is found, but this can break the Polymer tags. This option allows to enable/disable autop() in posts / pages (plugin default: no autop)
template override option: if this option is enabled this plugin will load a special template which provides only the required components to run a Polymer app. This is useful if you want a “fullscreen” Polymer app.

Polymer for WP

Add material design using Polymer to your WordPress blog
Add material design using Polymer to your WordPress blog

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  2. Hi admin, i love your showcases here, and I want to ask you if you know what to convert a psd file to xml for android, or what are the steps I could do.

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