Ready Contacts + Dialer – exceptional Material Design app for Android

This Ready Contacts+Dialer app review is based off of a new user experience.  No comparison will be made to the previous version, except to say that the new version of Ready Contacts + Dialer app uses Material Design.  Fans of that style will like the look and feel of the app.  The contacts section has a bold use of color, partitioning contacts into squares of bright colors that make it easier to see and locate them on the screen. As far as being usable and informative, the contact sections contains a lot of information about the call and chat history, and contains an easy dialer.


The call bubble has a great deal of information kept and associated with each contact that calls you, making this an effective tool for business communication.  The last message sent by the caller is on screen as you speak.  The program also enables the user to  still receive messages through the service even as the he or she is on the lines.  There are several upgrades to the base (free) model including themes and ad free versions.  The Material Design influence is obvious with the layering, clean lines, and bright colors.

The company’s website is also built using Material Design.  There isn’t a lot on the site but it is likewise attractive.

As more and more companies and developers jump on board, having integrated apps will make a huge difference in the adoption.  These are meant to work with other features seamlessly like Whatsapp and Twitter.  Many of the new Material Design apps have good flow between them and will eventually grow into a much larger and more diverse spectrum of applications.  It is exactly why so many non-Apple phones and tablets have been purchased this year.  People would rather be at the beginning of a trend than the end.

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