Strap – wearable analytics tool and mobile integration platform

As computer components shrink and our mobile culture normalizes, we wear computers on the body to create immersive experiences. Web analytics isn’t enough any more.

Businesses need new tools to get insights from wearable data, to bring in new customers and also increase the number and quality of long-term customer relationships. Measuring and improving on-site performance is a key component of a successful online marketing strategy, which is why most businesses use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track site performance. But continuous growth of wearables around the globe rises new demand for tools such as Strap, that would allow to measure performance and analyze data on wearable devices.

Analytics and mobile integration platform Strap enables enterprises, developers and brands easily integrate wearables into their existing web and mobile applications and gain unique user insights from wearable data.
Needless to say, Strap’s website features well-crafted Material Design style and, by far, is one of the best materialized websites we have seen lately.




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