TapDeck – a smart wallpaper discovery app for Android

TapDeck provides 1000s of HQ wallpapers (a double tap changes through them) that are linked to complimentary 3rd party content​ (you just swipe up on the image to know more).
Prime example: Double tap > Image of the Eiffel Tower becomes your wallpaper > swipe up & the related wiki article is shown on screen:

TapDeck adds a new dimension to your mobile experience and transforms your homescreen into the beginning of an information adventure. Placing 1000’s of beautiful wallpaper images linked to all kinds of entertaining content at your fingertips. Tap through thousands of high quality wallpapers and access interesting background information whenever you like. Satisfy your curiosity to learn, beat the boredom or just be entertained.
TapDeck tells the story of your images, leading you to amazing third party content from providers: Wikipedia, Reddit and Flickr with many more to come. TapDeck app is based on Material Design as well as its official website.



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