Tesla app for Android Wear featuring Material Design

Tesla has enough challenges with their own software development.They have to work hard on pushing their software to the new levels as they continue moving towards selling 500,000 cars per year. Longer term, Tesla may be able to provide an interface so 3rd party developers can develop apps for smartphones, tablets and certainly smartwatches.


Smartwatches are still pretty new, but they’ve advanced quickly to the point where you can’t help but want one on your wrist. The makers of some of the best Android Wear apps available have gotten into the Tesla apps niche. Given how Tesla likes to modify parts for their own use rather than off-the-shelf parts that they must rely on others for, they would likely go with Android than Apple since it is more open for modification. On the other hand, Apple’s CarPlay and upcoming AppleWatch cannot be ignored. But this time we will be focusing on Android Wear. Provider of leading-edge technologies Eleks and the team at EleksLabs, gives us an excellent opportunity to see Material design based Tesla app for Android Wear in action:

Material Design based concept:


Android Wear App in action:

Read brilliant article on EleksLabs and find out more about how this app was built.

And finally, how such an app like this, would work in our daily life? Here is great demo of Tesla Command for Android Wear app available on GooglePlay:

Android Wear design guidelines: These design principles provide some simple heuristics about how you should plan and assess your Android Wear app design:

android-wear-material-design guidelines

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