Three Ventures Is Embracing Material Design Trend

The biggest #technology and web marketing giants are moving toward material design in their efforts to improve the overall user experience. Although material design is not necessary the goal of any new web design project, but it often ends up being the result. Textures, patterns, gradients and shadows can bring a design to life, but too much of it can quickly clutter it up into a huge mess.Being a digital marketing company, Three Ventures understands this design principle very well.

Drop down buttons, animated text, shadows and floating cards of the new Three Ventures website design have motion behaviors related to morphing, launching, and the transferring anchor point. Three Ventures website has all the key elements that make a website as practical as it is beautiful.

material design three ventures
New Design of There Ventures website

Material design recognizes, that a sense of familiarity is important to the user experience, but it creates this sense in a way that fits with the medium. At the same time, material design is able to adapt to new ideas, discoveries and #trends. It brings us a step closer to a new paradigm of digital design, where the functionality and aesthetic are in complete harmony.

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