5 Material Design and Polymer websites examples

Material Design

Since the launch of Google’s Material #design at #Google IO developer week, this new concept of web design has been regarded as a breakthrough ever since. Although Google released material design guidelines fairly recently, it’s been said that the idea of web “surface” came years before.We can’t say it’s revolutionary “thing”, rather a ‘need”. #Material design #inspiration comes from daily life objects, materials and how they are interacting in real life.As Google says about the new design language :

“Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.”

Next to realistic material design “surface” flat design is just so … flat. Not surprisingly, web design community needs a new wind in web #development, and it seems like MD might be the one. It is a great example of a modern user interface for all platforms – beyond pseudo-realism and senseless flattening of all controls and web elements.

Polymer Project

At Google I/O 2013, #Google presented a new web user interface (UI) #framework called #Polymer. The way it works is indicative of the future of all web UI frameworks. Polymer is a project that allows you to create custom elements – re-usable web components. Here is an introduction video, which explains it more in detail:

Polymer framework is still in it’s early stages and not that many developers are familiar with it yet. But for sure it’s just a matter of time till Polymer will become widely popular. We have collected some of the best website examples built with this new and trending framework. We could call them “the very best in material design” (yet). Not only visual appearance, but also functionality and UI is astonishing. True inspiration and great examples for your next project.

1. Polymer-project.org

Surely, our first choice is the Polymer website itself. There is not much to add. Polymer at it’s best:


2. Polymer Mail

Beautifully design Gmail reading app built by Eric Bidelman :


3. FoodTrack.de

Web #application allowing to find local food trucks. Currently available only in Nuremberg, Germany. Excellent example of Google maps implementation.

foodtrack.de-material design

4. Chromium Dashboard

Chrome features dashboard updated by Chromium team.


5. Futurice.com

This “Super” web #app (demo here) designed by digital services provider Futurice.com is another great example of Polymer usage. You can read article here to find out more about this application. Future.com company website is also based on Google’s material design.


Do you know more Polymer examples or websites based on #materialdesign ? You can always submit your design here! Have something to say? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Thanks so much! And If you’re finding a list of the best Material Design Frameworks for UI/UX design, here it is:

  2. Our site uses Polymer 0.5 We are bumping to 1.0+ at the moment.

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