Upcoming Material Design CSS library – a Twitter Bootstrap killer?

Google is developing a new Material Design CSS library, that will compete with other popular CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation by ZURB, Semantic UI, Pure by Yahoo! or relatively new Materialize CSS.


Nowadays, when Material Design is booming, there is a deluge of materialized CSS front-end frameworks. Google, clearly, doesn’t want to be left behind.

A team of engineers at Google is building a standalone, focused on content sites Material Design CSS library. As Addy Osmani, engineer at Google, revealed in a tweet, it will be written in plain HTML/CSS/JS and released as standalone CSS framework, rather than part of Polymer project. The company is planning to launch a fleshed out user version of Material Design CSS library in the “coming months”.

Twitter Bootstrap vs Google’s Material Design

Twitter Bootstrap’s success has turned it into the Times New Roman of design. It has a time and a place, but you wouldn’t use Times New Roman on your startup’s website, would you? Joshua Gross

In the past few years Twitter Bootstrap became the most popular CSS framework to build mobile friendly websites with a responsive design. It’s a great CSS and Javascript library open sourced by Twitter that makes it easy to develop a neat looking website, with fantastic support for layout, navigation, typography, and much more. But every dog has its day. Bootstrap’s popularity is slowly fading away for many obvious reasons.

Unlike the primitive Bootstrap, Material Design enables now typically “creative­less” developers the ability to not only build out business logic but give them a standardized, and most importantly, beautiful way of displaying that logic. Material Design gives new directives web designers and developers can now leverage through out the application that give the product a very luxury feel.

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5 responses on “Upcoming Material Design CSS library – a Twitter Bootstrap killer?

  1. While I would not argue that material design probably is ‘trending’ vs bootstrap, I have an issue with the research you are presenting. Bootstrap is no long associated with Twitter, and has not been for some time. Thus, it would be expected that the search term ‘twitter bootstrap’ has waned. Also, the term ‘material design’ is an overall ideaology, not a specific framework – so it’s apples and oranges. I would highly suggest re-doing the chart with a more balanced set of keywords, as I think that you will find bootstrap is still very highly searched for, just not as associated with Twitter any longer (or not, but it would be good to see with a more accurate set of terms).

  2. Morgan

    @sean I thought exactly the same thing. How can you compare “Twitter Bootstrap” vs “Material Design” when they are completely deferent things? as least compare Bootstrap vs Materialize.

    I think this is the graph you should have shown which tells a very different story!


  3. Himadri Nath

    its been so long since this announcement but still not we got the framework. why they taking so much time to lunch this one

  4. Tikur sew

    C’mon guys even this is materialize design

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