Using Google Material Design For Our Football App!

Access thousands of live football stats in seconds! Follow your favorite players and teams with real-time scoring, boxscores, statistics, and alerts. Dominate your fantasy league using our advanced statistical analysis for players. A must-have for sports enthusiasts, fantasy players, and casual fans alike.

We built this app in response to the some of the most popular football scoring/stats apps out there being extremely outdated in their designs. User experience is a major focus for us on this app so we try to implement the latest and greatest Google Material Design patterns throughout the entire app. Always looking for feedback, please leave us a comment as I would love to hear from you guys!

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– Set alerts for games and scores
– Twitter feeds show what’s trending for teams and players
– Live league standings
– Over 1,000 statistics and data points
– Player and team comparison charts
– Live rosters
– Player pages with hundreds of statistics
– Game-time statistics
– Live detailed play-by-play and field animations
– Live game highlights
– Historical game, play-by-play, player, and team stats dating back to 2012

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