Want to Learn Material Design? Check Out These 10 Best Resources!

Material design is a design language, or more like a new trend, popularized by Google. Launched in June 2014, this design language is still a new thing for many developers. Luckily for them, the web offers a wide range of tutorials that provide in-depth insights into this new trend. Some of them deserve a mention here:

  1. Material Design Tutorial By Google

Created by none other than the Google, this tutorial offers gems of knowledge about material design. From the basic concepts of material design to its in-depth application in designing, this tutorial unlocks every minute facet of material design and how you can use it as a developer.

2. Android Development Tutorial: Lollipop Material Design

One of the most helpful resources available on material design, this tutorial is particularly helpful for you if you are new to material design. It encompasses various facets of material design including view elevation, clipping views, shadows, and animation etc. You can use it as a reference to know the specification about this art.

3. Android Weather App With Material Design

Now you can create Android weather app with material design effects. This tutorial provides you with instructions about creating different aspects of material design, such as UI interaction, visual design, and motion etc. This tutorial is particularly helpful for developers who want to design an Android app.

4. Material Design Icon Tutorial

An icon is an integral part of any app similar to a business logo design in a website. This video tutorial gives in-depth insights into different aspects of designing an appealing icon using the effects of material design. It uses Adobe illustrator tool to demonstrate the various steps of designing an icon based on principles of material design.

5. Android Getting Started With Material Design

This tutorial serves as a thorough guide for new learners who want to excel in material design. It specifies instructions about how you can create a project based on material design. It does it by giving instructions on use of specifications to create a design. It is known for its simple and easy-to-understand set of instructions.

6. Android ActionBar with Material Design and search field

Creating an ActionBar gets easier with this fantastic tutorial. This helpful resource teaches you to create a modified UI ActionBar using the tool of Android Studio. With this guide, you will get simple step-by-step instructions on creating an ActionBar and search field.

7. Material Design For Developers

A comprehensive resource for developers searching help for material design, this tutorial can help create perfect motion, visual and interaction designs. In this tutorial, you will know techniques to use material design on range of devices using the tools of Android 5.0.

8. Polymer Chat App With Material Design

This is yet another awesome tutorial kit to learn the basics of creating a chat app with material design effects. This tutorial teaches you to create an app icon based on fundamentals of Polymer. Therefore, it requires you to have essential knowledge of Polymer.

9. Material Design Navigation Drawer With Header View

The navigation drawer is the exclusive feature in material design and every developer wants to learn this art. In this tutorial, you will find specifications about designing a navigation drawer. It teaches you specifically the process for making a Navigation Drawer that you can use in an app interface to make the navigation smoother and easier.

10. Android Sliding Tabs With Material Design by Google

Sliding tabs became a happening thing when Google first used them in its app. Now anyone can create these tabs for an app to make it look contemporary and functional. Google explains this process for developers in its guidelines, so they can easily make intuitive sliding tabs that streamline switching between menus.

The above-mentioned are 10 of the best resources you can take help to create material designs in your design. Hope they turn out to be a help for your projects.

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  1. Moin Shaikh

    Hi Sarah,

    Nicely put list of useful resources for newbies of Material Design. Thanks for making the effort.


  2. Abegail Louise Acosta

    Even if I am working as a designer in a Professional Website Development Company, Some resources is still unknown for me. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Very useful list for learning not only material design related concepts but also for learning android.

    I came across one website with latest articles on android development including material design related articles is http://www.zoftino.com

  5. sarah emi

    Such resources are the ultimate need for any designer or developer. There may be thousands of online free resources available but not all are helpful. Thanks for sharing with the team..!

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  7. Hi Sarah, how steep would you say the learning curve is for material design and do you think it is something that you can learn on your own?

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