When Google I/O 2015 errs: custom Material Design 404 page

Google I/O 2015 has finally went cool and hip with their custom 404 page. Developers of Google’s I/O 2015 website, appears to be flirting with a new 404 page nowadays, featuring Material Design numbers. The 404 page, which you can find here (https://events.google.com/io2015/blah), includes Material Design 404 bold numbers and a short message “Sorry. We couldn’t find that page :(”.


But the I/O 2015 page is definitely an improvement on Google’s standard 404 page, featuring robot, which looks so forlorn because it seems to have lost its legs and an arm, is a kind of a boring choice for the search giant, but we guess the company doesn’t really have a mascot and how do you make search funny? We are just surprised Google doesn’t put a search box on these pages…



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